Entrepreneurship 101

Tips on Becoming a Creative Entrepreneur


- Jay Maharjan
Living in Los Angeles, I come across creative types who are often struggling to balance between mastering their craft versus marketing them. Creative professions, by nature is highly competitive in regards to making monetary gains. Creative types disregard the realistic aspect of making it and truly follow their passion. And by [...]

Entrepreneurship 101: The Must-Do List


Jay Maharjan
Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. Entrepreneurship requires a will to deal with many unknowns. Sustaining competitive advantage long enough to capture the opportunity to scale up is the name of the game.
Here is a list of things that you must remember as an entrepreneur if you wish to come [...]

How to write an effective Business Plan


By Jay Maharjan
Starting a business is a major commitment that will consume 24/7 of your life with no end in sight. It is always good to know what you are getting into before you take the plunge. From my experience writing business plans for large and small companies alike for the last 8 years, there [...]

15 second Pitch: Interview with Laura Allen


As an entrepreneur, making that first impression is crucial. I recently saw this survey posted on 15secondpitch.com that caught my attention. According to Jim Convery at 15secondpitch.com, ” 69% of 2505 professionals said they have trouble explaining what they do, and/or feel uncomfortable pitching themselves. And, of three groups with a strong need for effective [...]

Top 100 Blogs For Small-Business Cost Cutting Inspiration


In this economy, everyone’s looking for ways to cut down, and small businesses are no exception. One of the best ways to save money in business is to examine your annual expenses and consider how you can decrease those costs. Thankfully, there are some pretty amazing resources to help you figure out new ways to [...]

9 Must Haves for Innovation


Written by Xylus Sand
Being responsible for creating innovative ideas in a management consulting company and moreover, trying to turn those ideas into products that can be monetized – I have come to some conclusions about what is necessary for innovation to take root.  This applies to the world of open innovation [...]

Kleiner’s Laws


Eugene Kleiner created  Kleiner Perkins, one of the most successful venture capital firms known for backing ventures like google, Sun Microsystems, Amazon and AOL. Kleiner was known for his business wisdom often referred to as “Kleiner’s Laws.”

Here are some of the favorites:
• Make sure the dog wants to eat the dog food. No matter how [...]

To NDA Or Not To NDA


- Ryan Kuder
The other day, we had a potential client ask us to sign an NDA.  We declined.  And naturally, we didn’t get the business.  The experience led us to an internal discussion about NDAs which in turn led to a discussion on Twitter about NDAs and there was no consensus.  The question posed was, [...]

The Difference Between Building a Business and Building a Brand


Don’t Confuse the Latter With Celebrity Index
by Al Ries
Published: January 05, 2009
Are you building a business? Or are you building a brand? Silly questions, you might be thinking. Naturally, you are trying to do both.
But that might be a mistake.
What’s good for the business is not necessarily good for the brand. And vice versa.
What’s a [...]

How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Business


by Michael Stelzner

Can Twitter actually help my business or is it a complete waste of my valuable time? This was the very question I asked myself only a few months back.
Perhaps you’ve pondered the same?
When people I respected started singing the praises of Twitter, I decided to give it a go. At first I just [...]

What is your entrepreneurial IQ?


You think you know business? Take our quiz and find out how well attuned you are to the demands of being an entrepreneur.
Common characteristics in areas such as family background, childhood experiences, core values, personalities and more turn up time and time again in studies of entrepreneurs. Find out how you fit the mold by [...]

365 Great affirmations


Keith Johnson has put together an appropriate book for entrepreneurs. Self affirmation is usually the best form of motivation and inspiration to entrepreneurs. Using simple yet thoughtful and well chosen words, Keith’s book – 365 Great affirmations – offers entrepreneurs a motivational guide to help stay focused, overcome temporary challenges, obstacles in life – and [...]

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