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The Worst of Times for VCs in the US?


- Jay Maharjan
Ever wonder if we are going through another bubble, here is a synopsis on the VC outlook and the assessment of the performance from this past year
VCs are not going through a bubble.
Though media is quick to pointing out that the Venture Capital industry in the United States is going through a bubble, [...]

Too small to fail?


Excerpt from Columbia Business School Ideas At Work Blog
Innovative, upstart ventures have a crucial role to play in economic recovery, says Michael A. M. Keehner, who suggests it may be time to give entrepreneurs a stimulus package of their own.

Lately, the notion of getting a bailout has become embedded in American [...]

A Venture Capital Crunch?


Entrepreneurs need to shift focus or find alternative sources of funding
By Matthew Bandyk
Entrepreneurs still remember the dot-com crash that rocked the world economy almost a decade ago. Now there’s something else to worry about: A slow deflation of investment. Industry watchers say today they’re seeing the weakest market for venture capital in decades.
The main sign [...]

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