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Rethinking American export policies to help entrepreneurs


- Jay Maharjan
President Obama’s recent decision to re-strategize the export policy is a timely move. The current trade policy is getting obsolete – with the clauses like the one that restricts Radio Shack from exporting electronic gadgets was appropriate in the 70’s when the rest of the world didn’t have the same level of technology [...]

Entrepreneurship 101: The Must-Do List


Jay Maharjan
Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. Entrepreneurship requires a will to deal with many unknowns. Sustaining competitive advantage long enough to capture the opportunity to scale up is the name of the game.
Here is a list of things that you must remember as an entrepreneur if you wish to come [...]

‘Avatar’ creator: Failure’s OK, fear isn’t


Long Beach, California (CNN) — A lifelong fascination with science fiction and the ocean has driven “Avatar” director James Cameron’s career, he told the TED2010 conference Saturday.
“The ocean is so rich with amazing life,” he said beginning a session called “Wisdom,” the final one of the conference. “Nature’s imagination is so boundless compared to our [...]

Seven Characteristics of Highly Effective Entrepreneurial Employees


Read the PDF version
Fast growing, entrepreneurial organizations need employees who regularly demonstrate entrepreneurial characteristics and work habits. Management of entrepreneurial companies must work diligently to recognize, identify and attract this type of employee during the recruitment process to assure a steady stream of the people with the “Right Stuff” to fuel growth of the venture. [...]

JK Rowling: Benefits of failure


JK Rowling penned the bestselling Harry Potter page-turners — a spellbinding, seven-installment fantasy of wizards, warlocks and decidedly British texture that brought her from rags to riches.

Ten Reasons Entrepreneurs Should Learn Visio


Original post for 4entrepreneur.net

By Keith Johnson
Ten Reasons Entrepreneurs Should Learn Visio
After almost fifteen (15) years in the Information Technology field, I have come to respect both out of the box ($$) and open-source programs. However, there is one product which goes unmatched by open-source competition, and that is Microsoft Visio. It is relatively cheap and [...]

Turning your passion into a rewarding profession


I recently attended a colorful exhibition held at El Gallo Gallery in East Los Angeles. I find the art scene and the entrepreneurial spirit that exists in East LA quite fascinating!
I have been to this place few times before. The first time I was there – it was about a couple of years [...]

4 entrepreneur blog carnival IV


Welcome to the February 1, 2008 edition of 4entrepreneur blog carnival.
Rich Vosler presents Finding the lesson in your struggle posted at Sales Training Tips.
Ian Richardson presents What do Spaghetti Westerns and Internet Marketing have in common? posted at Make Everything EzyAs123.

Mark Riffey presents Tiger Woods and the “upcoming” economic recession posted at [...]

4entrepreneur – Blog Carnival I


business plan
Caroline Worrall provides expert advice on things to consider when preparing practical revenue projection for your business plan Expected Sales: Forecasting Revenue posted at CFO Yourself .
Christina Laun presents a comprehensive list of HR tips The Planet Express Guide to Management – 33 HR Lessons from Futurama posted at Bootstrapper.
Bonnie Krueger presents How [...]

4entrepreneur Blog Carnival Volume I


4entrepreneur is launching a monthly blog carnival. Please sumbit a link to your expert posts. 4entrepreneur Blog Carnival will consist of posts only relevant to the interest of entrepreneurs. We are looking for expert posts on creative start-up companies, business planning, sales tips, marketing strategy, financing tips – just to name a few…. Our [...]

The Power of Business wire


By Jay Maharjan on September 24, 2007
As an entrepreneur, publicity can be the key to taking your venture to the next level. I think there’s no such thing as bad publicity, especially if you are a budding start-up. In the digital age, when the buzz can spread like California wildfire, any sort of publicity can [...]

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