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entrepreneur blog carnival


Welcome to the September 29, 2008 edition of 4entrepreneur.

Life. Money. Development. presents Acquiring the Habits of Highly Successful Students posted at Life. Money. Development., saying, “Expanding on how to hone our learning skills. Useful for school, business and life in general”

4entrepreneur blog carnival VIII


Here is our newest edition of Blog Carnival. As usual, we have been getting hundreds of submissions. We have picked 10 posts from different fields – ranging from entrepreneurship to some practical sales and marketing posts. 4entrepreneur.net is also in the process of providing a platform [...]

4 entrepreneur Blog Carnival VII


Here you go! here is the new edition of 4entrepreneur blog carnival.
Jose DeJesus MD presents Checklists Can Improve Clinical and Business Processes posted at Physician Entrepreneur.
Rich Vosler presents Lessons in overcoming obstacles for network marketing posted at Sales Training Tips.
Anya Portnik presents If Selling Is So Simple Why Can’t Everyone Do It? [...]

4entrepreneur – Blog Carnival I


business plan
Caroline Worrall provides expert advice on things to consider when preparing practical revenue projection for your business plan Expected Sales: Forecasting Revenue posted at CFO Yourself .
Christina Laun presents a comprehensive list of HR tips The Planet Express Guide to Management – 33 HR Lessons from Futurama posted at Bootstrapper.
Bonnie Krueger presents How [...]

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