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Teaching entrepreneurship to Youth


Jay Maharjan (03.04.09)
In the time of the recession, I hear more people discussing the need for ‘sustainable’ innovation. As the legendary venture capitalist Eugene Kleiner would say – Even turkeys can fly in a high wind. In the times of strong economies, even bad companies can look good -. We need a new breed of [...]

How to write an effective Business Plan


By Jay Maharjan
Starting a business is a major commitment that will consume 24/7 of your life with no end in sight. It is always good to know what you are getting into before you take the plunge. From my experience writing business plans for large and small companies alike for the last 8 years, there [...]

Why Peter Drucker’s ideas still matter


The Man Who Invented Management: Why Peter Drucker’s ideas still matter
Excerpt from a BusinessWeek article (read the original article)
Well before his death, before the almost obligatory accolades poured in, Drucker had already become a legend, of course. He was the guru’s guru, a sage, kibitzer, doyen, and gadfly of business, all in one. He [...]

Role of entrepreneurs in the New ‘New Deal’


Jay Maharjan (07.10.09)
In the time of the great depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt, a visionary President laid out a series of bold initiatives under the plan famously known in the US history as the ‘New Deal’. The New Deal was created mainly to stimulate the economy, come up with a short-term aid for unemployed, and reform [...]

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