Role of entrepreneurs in the New ‘New Deal’


Jay Maharjan (07.10.09)
In the time of the great depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt, a visionary President laid out a series of bold initiatives under the plan famously known in the US history as the ‘New Deal’. The New Deal was created mainly to stimulate the economy, come up with a short-term aid for unemployed, and reform [...]

Entrepreneurship Spreads Across U.S. University Campuses


Education aims to nourish entrepreneurial spirit, boost student startups
By Andrzej Zwaniecki
Staff Writer, america.gov

Washington — Syed Hussain started his business in 2007, prompted by a desire to fight extortion. That is what he calls $60- to $70-per-hour fees he had been asked to pay for tutoring when he was an undergraduate student.
The torment of not being [...]

Why small business dreams die


Simon Sinek 
For passion to survive it needs structure. But for structure to grow, it needs passion.
90% of all new businesses fail. And most of the companies that don’t fail won’t become billion dollar businesses or change the world. Why is that?
Ask those who didn’t make it and the most common answers you’ll get are: under [...]

Collaboration: The Heart of Entrepreneurship


original post By Keith Johnson 
The very essence or heart of entrepreneurship revolves, ultimately, around one “sacred” word, and that word is “collaboration”. But don’t we live in a world of competition, you might wonder? Well, this is true, but only to a certain extent. The very purpose and nature of business is to serve others [...]

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