Conceptual economy

Design and Products for the conceptual Generation


Here is an amazing conceptual video produced by Corning. Though the video is bit biased towards Corning’s products, the overall sentiment is exciting as for what we can expect in the future! Enjoy

Lessons from CES: Content will be king


- Jay Maharjan
Though this was my first time attending CES, I had a fairly good idea of what to expect. I knew the world’s largest trade show with 140,000 people attending from around the world would be overwhelming. My interest going into this event was mainly focused on learning where the industry stood in terms [...]

Peter Drucker’s take on a “fact-based decision”


Here is a good article on Peter Drucker’s invaluable take on a “fact-based decision”. Stephen Wunker has made a valid argument on why the views of the management guru from the 20th century is still very much relevant.

Why Peter Drucker Distrusted Facts
by Stephen Wunker (excerpt from HBR)
Management consulting is an industry built on facts. [...]

Entrepreneurship Lessons For The Academic-Minded


October 31, 2011
The slow pace of job creation has revived interest in getting promising new technologies out of university labs and into the marketplace. At Stanford University, a group of academic researchers from all over the country gathered to take a crash course in how to turn their projects into startup companies.
Ellis Meng and Tuan [...]

How the valley was won


From the early days of Stanford, to pioneers who revolutionized the world while Steve Jobs was still in diapers, this is how a humble farming valley transformed into the epicenter of all things tech.

Robert Metcalfe is an intriguing character. He holds several university degrees, writes a nationally syndicated tech column, has for several years run [...]

What CEO’s exit means for GOOGLE


- Jay Maharjan
Even though Google is downplaying the unexpected news, I think the shakeup will bring about fundamental changes to maintain sustainable competitive advantage for the mega search giant.
Google has opportunity to create other sources of major revenue centers – besides Adwords/adsense
Its true that Google Adsense adds tremendous value and that the way revenue grew [...]

Video: 2011 Innovation Panel @ CES Las Vegas


Good points on -
- Immigration policy
- Export policy
- Education Policy
- R&D Tax credit
- 90% of growth rate coming from outside of the United States
- Learn from Germany’s export initiatives
- double taxation hurting American corporations
- measuring effectiveness, amending education policy, arcane business tax policies
- reforming governance, governance not being able to keep up with the speed [...]

Rethinking American export policies to help entrepreneurs


- Jay Maharjan
President Obama’s recent decision to re-strategize the export policy is a timely move. The current trade policy is getting obsolete – with the clauses like the one that restricts Radio Shack from exporting electronic gadgets was appropriate in the 70’s when the rest of the world didn’t have the same level of technology [...]

The Worst of Times for VCs in the US?


- Jay Maharjan
Ever wonder if we are going through another bubble, here is a synopsis on the VC outlook and the assessment of the performance from this past year
VCs are not going through a bubble.
Though media is quick to pointing out that the Venture Capital industry in the United States is going through a bubble, [...]

Salvaging the Middle Class


- Jay Maharjan

I do not believe in socialism, but I have to admit that the current socialist Independent Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders’ speech does reflect a fairly accurate state of America. In his passionate speech given on the Senate floor, Senator Sanders presents a case for shrinking middle class in America. He makes his [...]

Carpe diem : Conceptual discipline


- Jay Maharjan
When the American economy moved from agricultural days to the industrial age in mid 1950s, there was an official term ‘ industrial discipline’ used to direct the new workforce to adjust to the demand of the industrial revolution. The movement behind the industrial discipline prepared the new white collar converts to think, act [...]

Tips on Becoming a Creative Entrepreneur


- Jay Maharjan, 01-05-2011
Living in Los Angeles, I come across creative types who are often struggling to balance between mastering their craft versus marketing them. Creative professions, by nature is highly competitive in regards to making monetary gains. Creative types disregard the realistic aspect of making it and truly follow their passion. And [...]

Conceptual thinker ahead of his time


Like millions of readers around the world, I read and watched Michael Crichton’s classics growing up. Crichton became the only author ever to have works simultaneously charting at #1 in television, film, and book sales (with ER, Jurassic Park, and Disclosure, respectively). An MD turned author who loved to mix medical fiction in his body [...]

eco-ART: LA’s ‘drive-by’ gallery


In 2004, Peter Schulberg learned that tons of billboard advertising vinyl was routinely tossed into landfills.  He came up with way of stretching the vinyl into art “canvases”, offered opportunity for local artists to be seen – thus LA’s first “drive-by” gallery was born. We sat down with Peter Schulberg on the sidelines of GoGreen [...]

Role of entrepreneurship in conceptual economy


By Jay Maharjan
The rules of entrepreneurship still apply in principle, but the medium has changed drastically. This is probably the best time in our history to pursue entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are defying the logic and business rationale to make things happen individually. Gone are the days when you needed huge capital and veteran management teams to [...]

Embracing the power of abundance in the conceptual economy


- Jay Maharjan (06.08.09)
The business landscape and the economy as we know it is changing and it is changing fast. What you have is an endless collaborative opportunities, with an abundance of knowledge and free means at your disposal. How can an entrepreneur take advantage of this historic time of abundance?
Regardless of the changing settings [...]

Entrepreneurship in the conceptual economy – endless opportunities


Jay Maharjan
Part I – Entrepreneurship in the conceptual economy – endless creative entrepreneurial opportunities
Never before in the history that entrepreneurs had so much flexibility and tools at their disposal like they have now. With the technology advancement and globalization of high speed internet, entrepreneurs have power to do amazing things. This is a welcoming news [...]

Role of Executives in the conceptual economy


Jay Maharjan
I followed Peter Drucker’s work for over ten years – both as his student at the management school named after him and as an entrepreneur thereafter. As the legendary management guru often said that one could not manage change, whether it was a change in market demand, political climate or a change in socio-economic [...]

Influence of Web 2.0 in Conceptual Economy


Jay Maharjan
When I attended business school in 2001, there was a big hype on how dot com companies would change the way people lived their lives. You name it and there was a dot com company that promised to deliver that service. That was then. Welcome to the new world of web 2.0 today – [...]

Marketing in Conceptual age


Marketing in Conceptual age
Jay Maharjan 
Traditional marketing and PR still apply in principle, but the medium has changed drastically. A friend appropriately pointed out to me the other day that these days PR stands for page rank – indicating the importance of being seen on the web.
Being seen on the web is not enough. It’s true [...]

Role of management and executives in the conceptual economy


Jay Maharjan

Role of management and executives in the conceptual economy

 I was a student of Peter Drucker at Drucker School of management. I followed Drucker’s work for over ten years. As the legendary management guru often said that one could  not manage change, whether it was a  change in  market demand, political climate or a change in [...]

Getting ready for conceptual age


Political Implication: 
Jay Maharjan 
Conceptual age is going to be different. As I write regularly on this topic, the government needs to enhance measures to foster entrepreneurship, this time around focusing on encouraging traditional knowledge workers to get into conceptual entrepreneurship.
Entrepreneurially driven knowledge workers have traditionally raked in better rewards than their fellow counterparts who work for larger [...]

Navigating through conceptual generation


I have been writing posts on conceptual economy, especially on how it will impact you – whether you are an entrepreneur, a start-up company, a thriving business, or an employee of a Multi national corporation. It is critical to understand where you stand, so that you can prepare yourself accordingly. As the legendary Management guru [...]

The rise of Conceptual economy


By Jay Maharjan
Jan 08, 2011 (first written on Jan 6, 2008)
In October 2007, I wrote an article on “Creativity, Entrepreneurship and the emergence of conceptual economy”. I get asked what conceptual economy is that I am frequently pitching and how it is going to effect their businesses and the economy in general. Obviously, the answer [...]

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