Winning Lessons for Entrepreneurs in the Conceptual Economy


A new economic model is unfolding gradually before our eyes, but the future remains unclear. While we don’t yet fully understand this new model, one thing is for sure: The Knowledge economy we have come to know is changing. Author Jay Maharjan had a rare, firsthand opportunity to assess these changes while he was mentored by Peter Drucker, the legendary management guru who coined the term “Knowledge Worker.”

With a unique background in engineering, art and management, Maharjan is singularly qualified to lay out the clear challenges and opportunities that both entrepreneurs and the workforce will encounter in this new economy. Through personal anecdotes – ranging from his first internship where he devised an entrepreneurial solution that saved Chrysler millions…to his successful launching and scaling of companies in multiple verticals – Maharjan provides the reader with a roadmap for navigating the changing economic landscape.


Passionately involved in supporting entrepreneurial ecosystems and clusters around the United States, Maharjan is currently a region champion for Startup America Partnership, the White House – launched, private sector-led initiative to foster entrepreneurship. He was also invited by the White House in 2012 to be on the Jobs Council roundtable.

More at jaymaharjan.com

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