The role of VCs in the Conceptual Economy


Aug 23, 2013

According to Fenwick & West LLP survey of Venture Capital activities for the third quarter of 2013, we are seeing strong indicators, re to a shift in VC activities.

According to the attached survey, the VC Trend “.. has changed…with the growth of micro-VCs, accelerators…” The survey indicates that “Corporate venture investing was at its highest levels (as a percentage of total investment) since 2001.”, strongly supporting the thesis related to corporate entrepreneurship that I have presented in my book.

As I have indicated in my book, barrier to entry to launch a start-up has come down sharply and, startups are needing less money to start companies. So, many VCs were actually focusing on ways to add value, separate themselves from their competitors.

Strong signs are clearly emerging – supporting the arrival of the conceptual economy!

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