Calling LA entrepreneurs to save Los Angeles River

- Jay Maharjan

London has River Thames. Paris has the famous river Seine flowing from east to west through the heart of the city. The 52 mile LA River, surrounding the second largest city in the world, sadly, until last year, was locked down by EPA, declaring the entire water way as non-navigable. Except for Los Angeles, Water surrounding other major cities around the world has historically given their respective cities iconic personalities and offered residents vast array of choices for eco-friendly recreation. Besides, from a pragmatic point of view, well preserved water ways can act as eco-friendly alternative to deadlocked freeways, crowded inner city ground transportation.

Just to be fair to the Feds and EPA, the locked down river served well for the city of  16 million people for over five decades from disastrous flood and massive economic disasters that could have taken place. Prior to building 52 miles of these concrete banks,  many structures, including some of the notable Hollywood studio buildings were swept away by major LA  floods of the 1938.

However, the times have changed. Good portion of the 52 mile stretch is navigable. Not only it is navigable, the sizable stretch is relatively cleaner, and already green. So much so that some of the footage of these places are often mistaken for the footage from greener states like Washington and Oregon.

For the past five years, our 4entrepreneur initiative has joined forces via social media in advocating to open the water way. We have supported and are going to keep on supporting film-makers, local and federal lawmakers to educate, advocate on the behalf of the residents. Because of this collective effort on the part of numerous passionate advocates, the Federal government has reversed its stand that they held for half a century. LA Mayor Villaraigosa has publicly shown interest to clean up LA river and has committed to foster activities along the corridors of the river.


This is how, I believe that friends of 4entrepreneur initiative can get involved to make LA River as an iconic river of our own for generations to come.

a. Email us your support. Contact your local LA city, state lawmakers and representative for federal legislative bodies – to offer incentives, permits  to start businesses that directly impact the well being and the promotion of the LA River and the city of Los Angeles, specifically in the areas

- to start eco-friendly entrepreneurial ventures.

- to initiate, foster tourism based entrepreneurial projects.

- to initiate call to build public parks on the banks of LA river. Contact  City of LA Department of Recreation and Parks directly.

This is a great way for private sector, entrepreneurs to give back to the city. This last year, leading LA based architects, community activists have offered their time, resources to clean up, design blueprints for public parks, sent in numerous ideas. Join us in initiating call to submit to the city – to create strong, sustainable private-government sector alliance.

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