Leadership Secrets of the New England Patriots


- Jay Maharjan @4entrepreneur

This post Super Bowl week, while majority of media ( & social media) is talking about the winning team the New York Giants, I can’t help but focus on the loosing team, the Patriots and reflect on why I, along with many NFL fans have tremendous respect for the franchise. I have written twice before, once in 2007 and the second time in 2009 – highlighting, praising the management, leadership lessons from the Pats.

Watching Bob Kraft, one of the most respected owners in the league on the sidelines of the game reminded me yet again on how good leadership, management affects an organization. Under the ownership of Bob Kraft and the head coach  Bill Belichick, the patriots are one of the winning-est and also one of the most humble teams in the league. People forget to realize that New England is relatively very small sports market compared to New York city. Making it to the top of the league with limited budget and marketing opportunity is extremely difficult. Looking back to my old pieces, the reasons behind their ongoing success are still the same – which reads like the cliffs notes version of an MBA course on Leadership and Management:

  1. Respect opponents, Do not undermine your competition
  2. It’s Leadership! not luck
  3. Humble ownership/ top management sets the right direction
  4. Consummate Leadership is the key
  5. Winning with class
  6. Smart coaches/ leaders & coachable players/staff
  7. look for overlooked talent
  8. Focus on value (Performance/pay)
  9. Expectations – Past performance is no guarantee for future results. Be creative!
  10. Everyone’s a coach. Every member of an organization needs to take a lead.
  11. Being competitive is not a bad thing. Don’t get mad, get even!
  12. Best marketing is a great product
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