Its Halftime in America

- Jay Maharjan @4entrepreneur

The two minute Super Bowl Chrysler  spot, ‘Its Halftime in America’  is in the spotlight this week. Well narrated by Clint Eastwood, this mini documentary style ad depicts the success story of Chrysler and Detroit aka motor city, rising from the ruins. The entirety of the commercial focuses on the weak American economy and the call to bring back jobs and revive distressed economies around the country. The advertisement uses Detroit as the backdrop for the inspirational clip.

Critics are fast to point out that its politically driven and supports the liberal agenda as the Obama administration bailed out the motor city and the Motown via Chrysler is returning the favor. I disagree.  I personally think it is a great all American Chrysler ad with positive message – just what American people need to hear in the economies like the one we are going through and in the cities like Detroit, where jobs are scarce and the entrepreneurial drive is at the all time lowest levels.

I think critics need to focus instead on building on the positive message and find ways to introduce, support or foster entrepreneurship to bring back jobs and life back to their local home towns.

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