Five Questions for Mark Cuban


Mark Cuban is an outspoken, passionate and extremely successful American entrepreneur. Cuban got his break when his startup ‘Broadcast.com’ still at its conceptual stage was acquired by Yahoo. Over the years, Cuban has successfully acquired successful ventures, including Dallas Mavericks NBA basketball team. Cuban recently gave his fresh perspective on entrepreneurship and investment to ‘DealBook’. Here is a synopsis of his interview.

On investing in multiple ventures over one large investment, Cuban believes  in 100 small investments over one large one. Cuban believes in diversifying his investments, as one or more out of the bunch could hit home runs. As for the general advice for entrepreneurs, Cuban encourages entrepreneurs to start enterprises from just about anywhere and emphasizes not to geographically limit to Wall Street and Silicon Valley.  Cuban also fondly compares recent Facebook IPO filing with his own ‘broadcast.com’ IPO from 1999 – the company he later sold to Yahoo for 5.9 billion in stocks. Cuban isn’t surprised by the outrageous valuation of some of the new companies like Facebook but believes will be of challenge for founders to keep on growing as per the wild valuations.

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