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Five Questions for CEO of UGE


Nick Blitterswyk, CEO of UGE talks to VLN and @ecoentrepreneur about his innovtive eco venture – Urban Green Energy UGE.

4E: What Inspired you to Start UGE?
NB: I grew up in a nature reserve in western Canada, so I grew up surrounded by sustainability which, looking back, I always took for granted.  Fast forward, and when I [...]

Leadership Secrets of the New England Patriots


- Jay Maharjan @4entrepreneur
This post Super Bowl week, while majority of media ( & social media) is talking about the winning team the New York Giants, I can’t help but focus on the loosing team, the Patriots and reflect on why I, along with many NFL fans have tremendous respect for the franchise. I have [...]

Its Halftime in America


- Jay Maharjan @4entrepreneur
The two minute Super Bowl Chrysler  spot, ‘Its Halftime in America’  is in the spotlight this week. Well narrated by Clint Eastwood, this mini documentary style ad depicts the success story of Chrysler and Detroit aka motor city, rising from the ruins. The entirety of the commercial focuses on the weak American [...]

Design and Products for the conceptual Generation


Here is an amazing conceptual video produced by Corning. Though the video is bit biased towards Corning’s products, the overall sentiment is exciting as for what we can expect in the future! Enjoy

Five Questions for Mark Cuban


Mark Cuban is an outspoken, passionate and extremely successful American entrepreneur. Cuban got his break when his startup ‘Broadcast.com’ still at its conceptual stage was acquired by Yahoo. Over the years, Cuban has successfully acquired successful ventures, including Dallas Mavericks NBA basketball team. Cuban recently gave his fresh perspective on entrepreneurship and investment to ‘DealBook’. [...]

What concerns Facebook


- @4entrepreneur
Facebook filed for five billion dollar IPO on February 2, 2012. As with every public company, Facebook disclosed confidential, strategic information to SEC and the public. In this document, Facebook indicated potential threats and risks for investors. This document, filing was especially important since as a private company, people knew [...]

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