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Too Important to Fail


Watch Tavis Smiley Reports: “Too Important to Fail” on PBS. See more from Tavis Smiley.
“Too Important to Fail” examines one of the most disturbing aspects of the education crisis facing America today — the increased dropout rate among teenagers, specifically among Black teenage males. In the fifth installment ofTavis Smiley Reports, Tavis investigates the root [...]

How Peter Drucker Influenced Me


Jay Maharjan
I recently connected with Bruce Rosenstein, a notable author and a veteran USA Today writer for 21 years. He is the author of “Living in more than one world: How Peter Drucker’s Wisdom Can Inspire and Transform Your Life”. As we were sharing personal anecdotes on Peter Drucker, my mentor at the management school and [...]

The 10 Movies for Entrepreneurs


The Blues Brothers. Aside from sheer good humor, Blues Brothers has to be on every entrepreneur’s list because Jake and Elroy are on a mission from on high. And if you truly believe in your startup when everyone else thinks you’re nuts, you are on a mission and you have a purpose, regardless of what is [...]

Drucker’s Vibrant, Timeless Wisdom


Three former chairmen of NYU Stern’s Management Department assess
Drucker’s life and work, and his two fruitful decades at the School.

Fruitful Tenure
Drucker became deeply interested in management as a study in itself. He was attracted to New York University Graduate School of Business Administration (GBA), as Stern was then known, in 1950 with its student body [...]

Peter Drucker on Leadership


What are Peter Drucker’s lessons for leaders?

What did Peter Drucker, the Father of Modern Management, have to say about leadership? Because Drucker believed that management was itself an important and noble endeavor, he did not, throughout most of his career, focus much on leadership. Having fled Nazi Germany soon after Hitler’s rise to power, Peter Drucker’s view [...]

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