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Entrepreneurship Lessons For The Academic-Minded


October 31, 2011
The slow pace of job creation has revived interest in getting promising new technologies out of university labs and into the marketplace. At Stanford University, a group of academic researchers from all over the country gathered to take a crash course in how to turn their projects into startup companies.
Ellis Meng and Tuan [...]

How the valley was won


From the early days of Stanford, to pioneers who revolutionized the world while Steve Jobs was still in diapers, this is how a humble farming valley transformed into the epicenter of all things tech.

Robert Metcalfe is an intriguing character. He holds several university degrees, writes a nationally syndicated tech column, has for several years run [...]

Selling Pieces of Law Firms to Investors


Imagine an afternoon trip to a Wal-Mart: You pick up socks, a flat-screen television and a microwave meal. After checking out, you stop in the photo studio at the front of the store for a family portrait, and then shift one booth over to a lawyer, who drafts your will or real estate contract.
Read NYT [...]

Hope for American Manufacturing


By Chris Farrell

America’s manufacturing industry is in terminal decline, right? Smokestack America has been battered for decades by low-cost foreign competitors. Steel furnaces went cold, assembly lines shut down, and factory production moved overseas–especially to China, the world’s epicenter for mass production. A common refrain on the political stump and the nation’s op-ed pages [...]

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