Video: 2011 Innovation Panel @ CES Las Vegas

Good points on -

- Immigration policy

- Export policy

- Education Policy

- R&D Tax credit

- 90% of growth rate coming from outside of the United States

- Learn from Germany’s export initiatives

- double taxation hurting American corporations

- measuring effectiveness, amending education policy, arcane business tax policies

- reforming governance, governance not being able to keep up with the speed of innovation

- entrepreneurship is the foundation

- urgent need to foster corporate entrepreneurship for growth, maintain regional monopoly

- confidence, resilience, healthy paranoia still the strength of American entrepreneurship

- exponential growth taking place in India, Germany ( like GE CEO mentioned, every Fortune 500 CEO should be aware of the growth first hand)

- avoid protectionism

- timely EXECUTION is crucial

- combination of innovation, technology and business processes with the timely execution is the recipe for wealth creation in the new economy

- R&D dollars being spent to make technology simpler, collaborative and consumer friendly – 5% of Xerox revenue, 6% GE Revenue goes back to innovation, R&D around the globe


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  1. 4entrepreneur 4entrepreneur says:

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  2. B Cooper says:

    Politicians need to listen to these guys.

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