Signs of the Times

- Jay Maharjan

I was speaking with a veteran multiple Emmy award winning producer and filmmaker the other day and he was sharing his experience on how it took a village to produce the smallest of a TV project 30 years ago and how we have come a long way. When I read this morning about the Oscar winning director Kevin Macdonald and the producer Ridley Scott producing a documentary entirely based on the clips sent by Youtube users I realized how true the comment really was.

Here is a teaser trailer of the documentary to be released at the SunDance Film festival later this month. All  clips used for the documentary were shot on the same day – July 24, 2010. It is truly an amazing feat for creative entrepreneurs and artists. Removing  barrier to entry in this manner will surely bring about fundamental changes in the way talent will be discovered and the creative work will find traditionally blocked off platform – and get a chance to connect with the best of the movers and shakers in the industry.

As I was writing the other day on how new corporate structure will be forced for their middle managers to be evaluated by peer reviews from the outside, the movie and television industry will face similar pressure in terms of letting talent find their own limelight through the mediums that are readily available to them – and the best part is that the entire process of documenting, displaying  passion is FREE.

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