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What CEO’s exit means for GOOGLE


- Jay Maharjan
Even though Google is downplaying the unexpected news, I think the shakeup will bring about fundamental changes to maintain sustainable competitive advantage for the mega search giant.
Google has opportunity to create other sources of major revenue centers – besides Adwords/adsense
Its true that Google Adsense adds tremendous value and that the way revenue grew [...]

Video: 2011 Innovation Panel @ CES Las Vegas


Good points on -
- Immigration policy
- Export policy
- Education Policy
- R&D Tax credit
- 90% of growth rate coming from outside of the United States
- Learn from Germany’s export initiatives
- double taxation hurting American corporations
- measuring effectiveness, amending education policy, arcane business tax policies
- reforming governance, governance not being able to keep up with the speed [...]

Independent America – Rising from Ruins


This is the story of the frustrating, spirited battle of a people in New Orleans dedicated to bringing their communities back to life.

Interesting documentary, good assessment of influence of large multi-nationals on local mom and pops and  entrepreneurs.
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Changing the World through Innovation


- Jay Maharjan
I recently saw the visiting Chilean minister of economy Juan Andrés Fontaine speaking to American entrepreneurs – inviting them to come to innovate in Chile, entirely on their dime. It is a brilliant idea if you think of it  and quite radical at the same time. The Chilean government is sponsoring 25 start-up [...]

Corporate Governance and the Banking Sector


- Jay Maharjan
Whether in North America, Europe or in Asia, banks are going through major transformation. While parts of Asia are looking bullish, the story is different in the United States and in Europe. Storied demise of the banks like Indymac in the United States points to the new need for reform within corporate governance [...]

How India can redefine ‘Industrial Discipline’


- Jay Maharjan
‘Industrial Discipline’ was a remarkable initiative undertaken in the West in the mid fiftees – to get new workforce ready for the industrial revolution. We are seeing a new wave of industrial discipline currently taking place in India and China. Though China is moving at a [...]

Rethinking American export policies to help entrepreneurs


- Jay Maharjan
President Obama’s recent decision to re-strategize the export policy is a timely move. The current trade policy is getting obsolete – with the clauses like the one that restricts Radio Shack from exporting electronic gadgets was appropriate in the 70’s when the rest of the world didn’t have the same level of technology [...]

Signs of the Times


- Jay Maharjan
I was speaking with a veteran multiple Emmy award winning producer and filmmaker the other day and he was sharing his experience on how it took a village to produce the smallest of a TV project 30 years ago and how we have come a long way. When I read this morning about [...]

The End of Middle Management as we know it


- Jay Maharjan
It was a blessing in disguise when I got my first job out of engineering school as a middle manager. Lessons learned that as a middle manager you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. You are given a limited amount of descision making capability from the top and at the [...]

Is M&A the best way to grow your company?


- by Shellie Karabell
There are several good ways to grow a company, but only about a third of firms actively use all the methods available to them, and this narrow focus widens the corporate gap between success and failure significantly.
That’s according to a 10-year global study of 162 telecom companies conducted [...]

2010 Roundup


- Jay Maharjan
2010 was a roller coaster year for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs faced the good, the bad and the ugly when it came to sustaining their businesses, start-ups. The goal for most entrepreneurs in the United States this past year was to survive over making big plans. Banks were not forthcoming in terms of offering much [...]

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