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The Worst of Times for VCs in the US?


- Jay Maharjan
Ever wonder if we are going through another bubble, here is a synopsis on the VC outlook and the assessment of the performance from this past year
VCs are not going through a bubble.
Though media is quick to pointing out that the Venture Capital industry in the United States is going through a bubble, [...]

Bank investments in private equity: an unfair advantage?


by Stuart Pallister
A recent study has called into question private equity investments by bank-affiliated PE firms. The study by INSEAD Professor Lily Fang with co-authors Victoria Ivashina and Josh Lerner of Harvard, called ‘An Unfair Advantage’? Combining Banking with Private Equity Investing, found that between 1983 and 2009, bank-affiliated groups accounted for more than a [...]

Salvaging the Middle Class


- Jay Maharjan

I do not believe in socialism, but I have to admit that the current socialist Independent Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders’ speech does reflect a fairly accurate state of America. In his passionate speech given on the Senate floor, Senator Sanders presents a case for shrinking middle class in America. He makes his [...]

Government Intervention?


- Jay Maharjan
My recent visit to London and my interaction with scholars at the London Business School and London School of Economics had me thinking about the venture capital model in the UK versus the one that we have in the United States.  Venture capital model is no doubt the way to go to encourage [...]

New tax bill : What It means for entrepreneurs


- Jay Maharjan
Though the current bi-partisan bill is not exactly what most entrepreneurs and businesses wanted, it does have much needed incentives for entrepreneurs.
Bi-partisan effort

Bill clinton said it best during a recent press conference that there is never a perfect bi-partisan bill in the eye of the partisan. Though entrepreneurs and corporate America would simply [...]

Entrepreneurship: A Global Perspective


- Jay Maharjan
After catching up on much needed sleep I am starting to reflect on my five week trip to London, Delhi, Mumbai and Kathmandu.
It was great to be able to connect with students and faculty at London School of Business and London School of Economics. I found entrepreneurial spirit to be high among students [...]

Universities: An Entrepreneur’s Ecosystem


Universities offer a thriving ecosystem that lends itself particularly well to entrepreneurship among students, faculty, and staff. My belief in the ability of the institution of higher education to foster entrepreneurship comes first hand from my experiences as a student entrepreneur at the University of Toronto, as well as my work with Young Inventors International, [...]

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