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Carpe diem


Longer unemployment Insurance = Bad economic Policy
While I was contemplating the rationale of Nancy Polisi’s statement about job creating through food stamps and extending unemployment insurance, I saw what today’s Nobel prize winners had to say about the job market and the model of job creation.  Peter A. Diamond, one of Obama’s own nominees for [...]

Sustaining as a Creative Entrepreneur I


- Jay Maharjan
This is a follow-up piece on what I was writing on creative entrepreneurship. I was encouraged to explore further on the topic of creative entrepreneurship after receiving several responses, emails. I also had a great radio call on the same topic this week hosted by Creative Convergence.
As I wrote earlier in one of [...]

Tips on Becoming a Creative Entrepreneur


- Jay Maharjan, 01-05-2011
Living in Los Angeles, I come across creative types who are often struggling to balance between mastering their craft versus marketing them. Creative professions, by nature is highly competitive in regards to making monetary gains. Creative types disregard the realistic aspect of making it and truly follow their passion. And [...]

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