Helping LA youth to become entrepreneurs



Operation Street Kidz, a creative grassroots effort in Los Angeles under the leadership of Commissioner Josof Sanchez is making difference in lives of youth across inner cities of LA. The group recently teamed up with executive producer Baby Bash and directors from Kanye West music videos – “Through the wire” and “Jesus Walks” to bring a rare experience for high school students at Blair High School in Pasadena for students to learn and experience what it takes to be media entrepreneurs..students learnt various facets of film making and also auditioned for a chance to appear on the upcoming music video shoot for Jasmine V produced by Baby Bash.

4entrepreneur.net ( and YCEN Young Creative Entrepreneur Network ) is exploring ways to introduce entrepreneurship among youth in inner cities of Greater Los Angeles. Email us at ideas4entrepreneur@gmail.com with any feedback, creative suggestions and potential partnership/sponsorship opportunities.


Students take a break from auditioning for the video shoot..


Commissioner, Julie Matsumoto from Operation Street Kidz talk to the crew and the team about rehearsing for the shoot



Corey Jordan, a senior at Blair High has a dream of making a career in entertainment, but focuses on finishing school, wants to play basketball for Texas…

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16 Responses to “Helping LA youth to become entrepreneurs”

  1. Julie Matsumoto says:

    Hi Jay,

    Thank you for including our project on your website! I ran across it unexpectedly through Twitter. Your website is really great! We have a great group of artists, also from Blair and Pasadena High School, who painted a beautiful backdrop for one of the scenes in the music video. They are interested in developing a clothing line…looking forward to reading more about youth entrepreneurship.
    Thanks again,

  2. Keep up the good work with the youth.
    Love to speak with your kids about “INVESTING AND GIVING BACK!”

    “A Father Teaching Kids To Invest And Give Back!”
    Searight Investments,Education, & Entertainment For Youth

  3. Corey Jordan says:

    Hey Jay i want to thank u so much for what you are for me and for everyone.I want to I’m hoping to be able to work wit u more and I’m hoping to make my dreams come true

  4. Tanisone Singhanate says:

    Hey this is one of the Producer’s Assistant from the music vid. And me and one of my friends are the only two from Woodrow Wilson Middle School, and i have to say it was really fun helping make this.

  5. Sebastian Jordan says:

    I was a director’s assistant from the music video. I was the other one from Woodrow Wilson Middle School, and i just wanted to thank all of you for giving me such a great oppurtunity. I had a great time doing it. Thanks.

  6. Jay says:

    keep up the entrepreneurial spirit! Join Young creative entrepreneur network – YCEN – http://ycen.fliggo.com/

    Join the group, upload your creative videos.send me feedback

  7. aliyah grim says:

    Hi Jasmine thankyou so much for including me in your first music video. It was a memory that I’ll never forget and will cherish forever. Your my bestie forever and I can’t wait to help you more with your career.see you later.

  8. Michelle Moreno says:

    Hey was up im michelle i went to your video shoot and it was really cool, i just wanted to say thank you for this opportunity that you gave all the students from Washington school

  9. Sandra Garcia says:

    Hi my name is sandra Garcia.I am 14 years old I attend washington Middle School.I would like to be involved with operation street kids until the end.I Would like to show my talent.I will like to continue working with talented people and operation sreet kids.Working with talented people and operation street kids was an experience for me becouse i learned alot of stuff on making a video.Our next step will be to plan the premiere of the music video and the behind the scenes documentary.We will be looking for corporate sponsors who would like to give kids an opportunity to be successful in their lives.IF INTERESTED PLEASE Contact me at operationstreetkidz@YAHOO.com SANDRA GARCIA.

  10. It was a great experince & i thank everyone
    & also im working on my music career
    check it


  11. it was a fun day what can I say,

    especially if worked with the DP

    like I did

  12. mcorrea says:

    Jojo Sanchez is a true treasure and living legend within the inner cities of our nation. For decades, he has touched countless thousands, bringing love, hope and understanding to struggling youth & parents. I have witnessed the power of his efforts firsthand and am living proof of the value of his service. I love you Jojo! Mcorrea.

  13. Dave says:

    Does anyone know how to get a hold of Brother JoJo?

  14. Mel Fleming II, PhD says:

    JoJo Sanchez a treasure? If so then he should be as all treasures. Buried deep in the ground.

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