Ask Warren Buffett a Question

It’s that time of year again: Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren E. Buffett has released his annual letter to shareholders,document widely read by investors around the world.


With Mr. Buffett seeing the economy “in shambles throughout 2009 — and for that matter, probably well beyond,” shareholders will surely have dozens of questions to ask the Oracle of Omaha. (Some will surely be about Berkshire’s barely profitable fourth-quarter results.)

In a change from previous years, a pool of reporters, including DealBook’s Andrew Ross Sorkin, will be on hand at Berkshire’s annual meeting this year to ask questions sent in by shareholders and the public. Mr. Sorkin, CNBC’s Becky Quick and Fortune’s Carol Loomis will also ask their own questions.

Shareholders can (let us know if you want your name used if your question is picked), or leave them in the comments below.

Waren Buffett’s 2008 Berkshire Hathaway Lettersee the original post

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4 Responses to “Ask Warren Buffett a Question”

  1. preetam khatri says:

    Sir, How long will it take for a developing economy like india to stabilize form this slowdown senario…

  2. henry hassay says:

    to;Warren Buffet;
    1-Reinstitude “war bonds” with an attractive rate of interest.
    2-Create a federal sales tax, recoup some welfare money into the flow of commerec.
    3-Reinstitude the “uptick rule on wall street.

  3. scott says:

    Whom can i contact for some free help and or advice to see if I have invested in an apparent real estate scam. The company I invested with is in Canada and the investment”property” in Mexico. I have a stock certificate and a cusipo number but still am not satisfied with any of my findings. I’ve never done anything like this and feel pretty helpless.

  4. B Cooper says:

    Here is a link that might be helpful http://www.ehow.com/how_7212928_report-estate-fraud.html

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