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True Entrepreneur Story


Kogi Korean BBQ, a taco truck brought to you by twitter

Jessica Gelt ( for The LA Times )

It started with a 4 a.m. glass of Champagne and a carne asada taco after a night of serious bar hopping. Thirty-year-old Mark Manguera was sitting with his 25-year-old sister-in-law, Alice Shin (his wife Caroline was already sleeping [...]

A Venture Capitalist’s Perspective: 4entrepreneur television interview


Watch Interview with Andy Wilson Pt1 in How to Videos and Entertainment Videos | View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com
Watch Interview with Andy Wilson Pt2 in How to Videos and Game Videos | View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

Former Rocky Mountain News staffers to start online news site


A group of Rocky Mountain News journalists with support and backing from three Denver entrepreneurs launched a subscription drive Monday for the online news site INDenverTimes.com.
Their goal is to get 50,000 subscribers by April 23 — the 150th anniversary of the first edition of the Rocky Mountain News — in order to launch [...]

Twiistup Calls for Startups to “Show Off” at July 30-31 Event


Written by Jolie O’Dell

Twiistup, the explosive SoCal event that was recently bought by a secret investor, has announced its call for “Showoff” entries. Ten slots are available in the New Tech-esque startup presentation before a horde of tech investors, entrepreneurs, and media types – including L.A.’s monied entertainment set. The showcase will take place on [...]

Ask Warren Buffett a Question


It’s that time of year again: Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren E. Buffett has released his annual letter to shareholders,document widely read by investors around the world.

With Mr. Buffett seeing the economy “in shambles throughout 2009 — and for that matter, probably well beyond,” shareholders will surely have dozens of questions to ask the Oracle [...]

Measure Your Business Plan Results


By Tim Berry
Plans are wrong, but nonetheless vital. There’s a paradox for you. It’s a simple statement, one that I hope is somewhat surprising coming from a business planning expert; but it’s still very important. And it gets right to the heart of what business planning is all about.
More than ever, [...]

New Media Venture Turns Bloggers Into Print Journalists


By Chris Snyder

As old media races to catch up with the Web and figure out how to successfully monetize print content online, one publication is taking a drastically different approach: web to print.
The Printed Blog, a startup founded and funded by former business productivity software entrepreneur Joshua Karp, is [...]

Green jobs: the 1 page guide to finding them


Chris Russell has put together a comprehensive guide with tips and resources to help you find green, clean tech jobs. Here is the link.
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Influence of Web 2.0 in Conceptual Economy


Jay Maharjan
When I attended business school in 2001, there was a big hype on how dot com companies would change the way people lived their lives. You name it and there was a dot com company that promised to deliver that service. That was then. Welcome to the new world of web 2.0 today – [...]

As an entrepreneur, what would you like to see on an entrepreneur web magazine


4 Overlooked Strategies to Grow Your Service Business


By Matt Rodela
No doubt, the economic climate for small business owners is tense and tight these days. That guaranteed income from yesterday is a hit or miss crap shoot today. On top of that, every time you turn around there is a new competitor springing up in your area, vying for the [...]

How to Pick a Business Partner


Alon Shwartz
Last night Jason Nazar, my partner and CEO of Docstoc hosted a session on 10 mistakes people make when starting a business. The event was greatly received and I believe was very helpful. In the Q&A session someone asked about how to split equity between partners. Although I briefly addressed this at the session [...]

Top 10 Free Tools for Monitoring Your Brand’s Reputation


Dan Schawbel is the author of Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success, and owner of the award winning Personal Branding Blog.
Brand monitoring has become an essential task for any individual or corporation. Years ago, when people talked about our brands, it was behind our backs and we almost never found out [...]

Social Media Marketing- the Top 10 Mistakes made by People in 2009 in Social Media


Here we go again!
Doug Firebaugh
Another year and another great possibility! With the election of Obama to the presidency, there is Hope and all are looking for a great future.
But I am sitting here thinking of all the folks in social Media that are going to be frustrated again in their social Media marketing efforts. wondering [...]

To NDA Or Not To NDA


- Ryan Kuder
The other day, we had a potential client ask us to sign an NDA.  We declined.  And naturally, we didn’t get the business.  The experience led us to an internal discussion about NDAs which in turn led to a discussion on Twitter about NDAs and there was no consensus.  The question posed was, [...]

SouthWest uses Social media to improve customer service


Jordan Golson, The Industry Standard
Yesterday, I touted Southwest Airline’s Twitter account as a fine example of corporate Twitter use. Today, I had a chance to follow up that story with an interview of Christi Day, a member of Southwest’s “Emerging Media Team” and the face behind the @SouthwestAir account.
Unlike @ComcastCares, the customer service-focused Twitter account [...]

How to Spot a Ponzi Con Artist? Follow the Yachts


By ROBERT CHEW (for Time.com)

With so many Ponzis and so little time to know if you’ve been hoodwinked, there are some red flags even the most trusting investors can bank on: yachts, mansions, jets and women. If your investment adviser is dabbling in any of the [...]

15 Entrepreneur Blogs Worth Reading


According to Wall Street Journal, here is a list of 15 entrepreneur blogs worth reading.
Posted by Wendy Bounds
The best entrepreneur blogs – and often the most successful ones — do more than just promote the entrepreneurs or their projects. Star power can draw attention, but it won’t sustain it if the blog doesn’’t “give.”
Give is [...]