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5 Things You Didn’t Know Were Biofuels


When talk turns to biofuels, it often soon turns to food shortages next. Biofuel doesn’t have to be made from food staple crops, though.
Here are five unexpected potential biofuels:
Giant Grass:
Giant Grass, also known as Elephant Grass or Miscanthus, yields twice the amount of ethanol per acre than corn or switchgrass ethanol in one quarter [...]

100 Essential Green Web Resources


The green web is growing faster than over-fertilized bamboo and many websites have cropped up to fill the ever-growing green movement. This guide will help you navigate the vast array of environmental websites starting with the best green blogs, tools, applications and resources and ending with forums, social media sites, environmental agencies and organizations. The [...]

Top 10 Social Media Myths BUSTED


January 19th, 2009 by Adam

Social media is all the buzz. Brands are looking for new ways to generate traffic and harness the power of social media, jumping on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. But with any new medium comes a learning process that requires some trial and error and a lot of [...]

A Free Global University That Will Be Online Only


An Israeli entrepreneur with decades of experience in international education plans to start the first global, tuition-free Internet university, a nonprofit venture he has named the University of the People.

Shai Reshef

University of the People Web Site

“The idea is to take social networking and apply it to academia,” [...]

A green job in your future?


Current college students, recent grads and high school seniors have only to take one look at the job market to understand that many of the jobs that were popular as recently as six months ago no longer exist. Besides retailing, which has lost one-third of its employees during the current recession, other industries are reporting [...]

The Entrepreneur Commons idea on CHANGE.GOV


Sponsor a structure for entrepreneurs to support entrepreneurs
The Obama government agenda includes the creation of a network of incubatorsI would suggest that rather than creating a government run entity, the government sponsors an independent structure of entrepreneurs supporting entrepreneurs (self help teams). Government employees are not entrepreneurs, [...]

10 Tips For Keeping Your Green Business Afloat in 2009


Written by Maryanne Conlin Milker
for ecopreneurist.com Published on February 2nd, 2009

Hillary Bromberg offers, at Sustainable Life Media, an article titled: Ten Insights for Sustainable Brands in an Uncertain Economy. Since her advice is pretty good, I was tempted to just pass it along.
But, then I thought I might add a few insights of my [...]

Top Trends Shaping Social Entrepreneurship in 2009


For the last week, I’ve been counting down the top trends I expect to shape the field of social entrepreneurship in 2009. Overall, I expect that the language of “social entrepreneurship” will become an increasingly large part of the social change lexicon. The combination of a new administration, an economic crisis highlighting systemic failures in [...]

SEED Awards 2009 for Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Development


The SEED Initiative (Supporting Entrepreneurs for Environment and Development) has recently launched its call for proposals for the 4th edition of the ”2009 SEED Awards for entrepreneurship in sustainable development”. This award welcomes innovative ideas from any group in a developing country or country in transition worldwide, [...]

Tired of Typing, Try MacBook Wheel


Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

time for Oscars!


Here are some random pics I took on the way to an Oscar event!

security on full alert! drug dogs at the Armani Exchange store on the Boulevard

inside Kodak theater

I bet his money’s on Heath Ledger!

four seasons Beverly Hills

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some pics from the MMPA Oscar Week Luncheon


Oscar week in Beverly Hills

great collectibles being auctioned off…

proceeds going to the scholarships for student filmmakers

with Bill Duke (Duke Media), Oscar winning actor Louis Gossett Jr. – active advocates of multicultural causes. Besides his award winning performances, Louis Gossett has been active with his ERACISM Foundation since Jan. 5, 2006.
See and download the full gallery [...]

Stimulus: What’s in it for entrepreneurs?


By Stacy Cowley
February 18, 2009: 10:48 AM ET

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) — The number of small business loans banks issue has cratered since the recession took root last year. Rebuilding that number is the focus of the small business provisions in the economic recovery bill that President Obama signed into law on Tuesday.
The bill authorizes [...]

Stimulus Law 4 entrepreneurs: Benefits Are Not Easy to Find


THE $787 billion recovery package that President Obama signed into law on Tuesday has a little something for most small-business owners, though some complained that the law’s benefits were not easy to figure out. “Who has time to read it?” said Michael J. Fredrich, president of MCM Composites, a maker of [...]

50 of the world’s best food blogs


Lynne Robinson
( Excerpt from Times Online, Feb. 17, 2009 )
This list comprises 50 of our favourite food blogs but is by no means exhaustive. Times Online invites users to submit their favourites for a follow-up article using the comment box below.
1. Orangette The ultimate food lovers’ blog. The [...]

The MMPA Oscar Week Luncheon Invitation


On the behalf of the Multicultural Motion Picture Association, an active supporter of our 4entrepreneur effort, we would like to invite you and your guests to the annual Oscar Week Student Filmmaker Scholarship/ fashion Show Luncheon to be held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. The organization has been actively supporting young musicians, [...]

FUEL: Free Screening


Tickets are limited. Email ticket request at [email protected]
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H2Om – interview with the founders


H2Om Water with Intention! Interview with the founders: Lex Lang and Sandy Fox

4entrepreneur: Your tag line ‘Water with intention’: Please elaborate the mission behind the slogan.
A:  Our intention is to inspire individuals to create daily positive thoughts and intentions. The interactive quality of H2Om encourages them to live from a present, grateful state [...]

Going Green in Hard Times


originally published on The WSJ
How to Go Green in Hard Times
By Yuliya Chernova and Sari Krieger
It’s tough to be green when money is tight.
Lots of big environmentally friendly changes look good in theory, like buying solar panels or switching to a hybrid car. The trouble is, many of those fixes take years [...]

Sen. Boxer Unveils Global Warming Legislation


Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, held a press conference this morning to release her principles for global warming legislation. Larry Schweiger, president and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation, previewed the event for us:
Sen. Boxer’s “Principles for Global Warming Legislation” are:
1. Reduce emissions to levels guided by [...]

Green Energy Dependence: Los Angeles Buying Green Power From Mexico To Meet Goals


Los Angeles Times

Though we already know there are a few catches to the argument that greener energy will instantly make the country wholly energy independent — like a necessary resource for hybrid and electric cars being mostly in Bolivia — there is a more pressing and obvious concern:
If the United States doesn’t start figuring out [...]

Teen Entrepreneur Teaching Kids To Go Green


A 12-year-old entrepreneur flew more than 1,000 miles to start a special club in Harlem Wednesday.

She’s on a mission to clean up the world one child at a time.”Turn the lights, TV, and computer off when you leave the room,” Riley Hoffer suggests. Hoffer’s teaching kids at Alain Locke Elementary in Harlem how to go [...]

Obama’s Renewable Energy Entrepreneurs


by Boyd Cohen, Ph.D., for 4entrepreneur.net
I have been teaching and researching green entrepreneurship since 2001 throughout the world (Spain, Costa Rica and Canada).  While in the beginning I was seen as a left wing tree hugger teaching these topics in business schools, over the past few years, I have found students increasingly engaged in the [...]

California Entrepreneurs Launch Green Screen Printing Business


By Ariel Schwartz, January 5, 2009

A variety of industries have been racing to eliminate toxic substances from their products, and the t-shirt screen printing business is no exception.
California entrepreneurs Peter Imai and David Whitaker have taken advantage of this trend by creating Ecoprintworks.com, a site that sells toxin-free t-shirts.
Most t-shirts use PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic-based [...]