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Transforming Art Into a Career Choice


Some artists have begun to figure out ways to make money and make art — aiming to end the notion that “starving” and “artist” are necessarily linked.

(Alexander Niles, 14, plays guitar on his mother’s dock in Miami Beach. He owns a business that creates custom-made guitars. Photo: Alex Quesada for The New York Times)
Rather [...]

The Black Friday: 10 Retailers Who May Not See 2009


[ The Black Friday 10: (BONT)(DDS)(TLB)(PIR)(CPWM)(WSM)(CHS)(SKS)(EBHI)(RAD)]

A year ago, not many people would have thought Circuit City would be in bankruptcy now. Linens ‘n Things, Mervyn’s, Whitehall Jewelers and Steve & Barry’s have either shut down or are closing huge numbers of locations since they moved into Chapter 11.
The most astonishing fact about the retail industry now [...]

RIP:Good Times


In October, the leading venture capital firm Sequoia Capital  laid out bleak state of economy and strong word of caution for its portfolio companies. The actual powerpoint has leaked out.

Click here to read a related article on the Venture Beat and to view the presentation
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Environmentalists draft bold roadmap for Obama


WASHINGTON — A united and diverse coalition of environmental advocacy groups has sent President-elect Barack Obama its roadmap for change _ and it represents a U-turn from the policies of President George W. Bush.
The 391-page report titled “Transition to Green” lays out what the incoming Obama administration can do in its first 100 days and [...]

Citi saved, but JP Morgan in greater need: analyst


By Hilary Johnson
Investors may be punishing Citigroup, but according to one analyst, J.P. Morgan Chase may need even more capital than Citi to shore up its balance sheet. Indeed, Paul Miller at Friedman Billings Ramsey calculates that J.P. Morgan may require at least $188 billion in additional equity capital, compared with $160 billion for Citi.
Mr. [...]

2008 Diversity Awards pics


Multicultural Motion Picture Association (MMPA) hosted its annual Diversity Awards in Globe Theatre in Universal Studios. Jarvee Hutcherson, President of the organization hosted the event in the honor of notable personalities in the motion picture industry. Here are some pics taken by 4entrepreneur/Getty images. 

outside the Globe theatre

some cool stuffs on the silent auction block

Diane English receiving an [...]

The 2008 Creativity 50


The world was a more creative place in the last year thanks to the ideas and creations of the individuals who together make up our annual Creativity 50. The list represents the biggest innovators of the year, who—through repeated demonstration of sheer brilliance or even just one spectacular feat—brought new spark to their respective fields [...]

The Diversity Awards


HOLLYWOOD, CA,… Lifetime Achievement Award Honors will be presented to legendary talent, Academy Award nominee, Ruby Dee Davis, along with a cadre of diverse industry talent at the 2008 Diversity Awards at Universal Studios Hollywood on Sunday, November 23rd. In addition, fresh off the heels of the critical success of “The Secret Life of Bees,” [...]

Tips for Aspiring Healthcare Entrepreneurs


Here is an interesting post for wannabe healthcare entrepreneurs..
by Megan Malugani
You may dream about being your own boss, but are you really ready to take the plunge into healthcare entrepreneurship? Besides having a winning idea or service to offer, you must be self-motivated, persistent and energetic, say successful healthcare entrepreneurs.
Faye Berger Mitchell, a nutritionist in private [...]

What does it cost to eliminate fossil fuels?


The World Spends $300 Billion Subsidizing Fossil Fuels
The Cost of Eliminating Fossil Fuels? Maybe No More than the Cost of Burning Them
Dan Shapley, (thedailygreen.com)
The world is spending $300 billion every year to subsidize fossil fuels that pollute the air, wreck the climate … and run the world’s economy.
So what if we, as taxpayers, stopped spending [...]

Featured Post: Ten Legal Mistakes Made by Entrepreneurs


Here is an excerpt of a well written article (appropriate for all entrepreneurs) posted on the Harvard Business school website.
Executive Summary:
The life of a startup can be precarious, a wrong turn disastrous. Harvard Business School professor Constance Bagley discusses the most frequent legal flops made by entrepreneurs, everything from hiring the wrong lawyer to puffing [...]

15 Photovoltaics Solar Power Innovations You Must See


Looking Back at Recent PV Innovations
digg_url = \\’http://digg.com/environment/15_Photovoltaics_Solar_Power_Innovations_You_Must_See\\’; digg_skin = \\’\\’;Energy. The lifeblood of modern civilization. Finding clean sources of it is very high on the green movement’s priority list, and one very promising field is solar photovoltaics (PV). We, at TreeHugger, have been covering the field for a [...]

Communicating with Pictures: The Art of Visual Thinking


Here is an excerpt of another great post Guy has on his blog. Most of the time people focus on presenting and forget to focus on their core value proposition – which could very well be presented effectively on a piece of napkin.
In the venture capital business, many people think that a short pitch is [...]

Outsourcing in conceptual age


Outsourcing – end of knowledge economy as we know it.
James McPherson, founder of Pasadena Now, a boutique website based out of Pasadena redefined the concept of outsourcing when his home based web magazine outsourced a portion of reporting and editing to a couple of editors in India.
The concept was so unheard of and radical that [...]

Patagonia’s Ongoing Recycling Program


The goal of Patagonia’s Common Threads program is to sell only recycled and recyclable products by 2010. It’s becoming a difficult challenge
By Heather Green
The idea seems so simple. Why can’t apparel be as recyclable as, say, plastic bottles or newspapers? After all, many garments hang around in closets long past the point when anyone [...]

What is Geothermal energy


Maybe you’ve been hearing more about geothermal energy lately — it gets mentioned more in the mix with solar and wind these days, especially when politicians are listing off, quickly as possible, all the forms of renewable energies they can think of. In case you don’t know much about it, HuffPost Green has compiled this [...]

Obama’s latest online innovation


Marketing in Conceptual age


Marketing in Conceptual age
Jay Maharjan 
Traditional marketing and PR still apply in principle, but the medium has changed drastically. A friend appropriately pointed out to me the other day that these days PR stands for page rank – indicating the importance of being seen on the web.
Being seen on the web is not enough. It’s true [...]

101 Entrepreneur Tips by Susan Payton: A Book Review


Susan Payton
Sometimes I feel like it is a futile attempt to get all of my entrepreneurial knowledge into my blog, but getting it all into a book would be even harder. I don’t know how author Susan Payton pulled it off, but if there was a book with nearly all the bases covered for a [...]

Building a Virtually Integrated Life Sciences Company


The traditional business model dominating the pharmaceutical industry for over 100 years is rapidly eroding under new drivers for innovation and increasing financial pressures. Big Pharma as an integrated business from basic scientific research all the way through to marketing, manufacturing, and distribution is rapidly changing as more biotechnology innovation is coming straight from the [...]

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The Psychology Of Hope and Fear


Joyce McFadden 
Both hope and fear are great motivators, and they both have the capacity to promote growth in us, but hope creates space in the mind and heart. Fear, more often than not, restricts it.
Just think of how you feel in your own body when you’re afraid – you tense up and go on vigilant [...]

Nanobama: World’s Tiniest Candidate Portrait


By Alexis Madrigal
The presidential candidates have been under a microscope for the last year, but today, the focus on Sen. Barack Obama’s face reached the nanoscale.

Sculpted using nanolithography by University of Michigan mechanical engineer, John Hart, each Obama face is composed of 150 million carbon nanotubes and measures half a millimeter across.
“We can make [...]

Generation O Gets Its Hopes Up


GENERATION O is that college kid at the White House gate early Wednesday morning, lifting his shirt to reveal “Obama” painted in red on his chest.

Or that stylized Obama T-shirt that makes irony look old, the “Obama Girl” on YouTube, or the thousands of notes on Barack Obama’s Facebook page: “U are the best!!!” “yeah, [...]