Leadership Secrets of New England Patriots

By Jay Maharjan




Tonight’s Patriots-Giants game was probably one of the most exciting regular season games in the history of NFL. In the era of ever changing dynamics of coaches, free agent star players and the owners who do not truly appreciate the sport, it is refreshing to see a well led and managed organization like the Patriots clinching the 16-0 perfect season. If you look closely, The Patriots organization has always been different from other sports franchises. Between the humble owner, Bob Kraft to the disciplined coach Bill Belichick and all the levelheaded players – they all sing the same tune.

In 2005, James Lavin wrote an interesting and thoroughly researched book on the Patriots – Management Secrets of New England patriots. The book highlighted the management and leadership traits that helped them win the three super bowls. With this year’s perfect season – happened only the second time in the history of NFL and the first time since the league moved to a 16 game format – the Patriots are still in sync with the leadership traits that Lavin presented in his book. Some of the traits that Lavin pointed out in his book included:

  1. Respect opponents, Do not undermine your competition
  2. It’s Leadership! not luck
  3. Humble ownership/ top management sets the right direction
  4. Consummate Leadership is the key
  5. Winning with class
  6. Smart coaches/ leaders & coachable players/staff
  7. look for overlooked talent
  8. Focus on value (Performance/pay)
  9. Expectations – Past performance is no guarantee for future results. Be creative!
  10. Everyone’s a coach. Every member of an organization needs to take a lead.
  11. Being competitive is not a bad thing. Don’t get mad, get even!
  12. Best marketing is a great product

Some of the traits mentioned in this post are along the direction of my previous writings on Business Plan Basics.

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21 Responses to “Leadership Secrets of New England Patriots”

  1. Mike Buckley says:


    Even though I’m not a big Pats fan, I like your post. I’ve put the twelve traits on my bulletin board and suggested that my readers do the same.

  2. admin says:


    Thanks for including on your bulletin board – and recognizing the core message of the post.

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  4. Munandi says:

    Great content like this isn’t easy to find onnile. You have given the world a wonderful article with many good points to consider. I agree with a lot of your views and enjoyed this article.

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  9. going too says:

    Posts like this make the internet such a treasure trove

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    What a joy to find such clear thinking. Thanks for posting!

  11. So true. Honesty and everything recognized.

  12. Good to see a talent at work. I can’t match that.

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    That insight would have saved us a lot of effort early on.

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